W3C Web Standards

W3C Web Standards : Web Design kolkata

Who are the W3C?

W3C Stands for World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C are a recognised internet/web standards organisation. They develop and publish specifications, software, guidelines, and various tools for the Web. It maintain the proper web standred.

The benefits of W3C Standards:

  1. Decreases development costs.
  2. Decreases maintenance costs.
  3. Improves accessibility.
  4. Browser free web site.
  5. Can decrease your hosting costs.
  6. Search engine placement can rise.
  7. Increase income through the web site.
  8. Faster page load.

How to implemant W3C Standards on our projects :

· Making the Web 2.0 layout .
· Converting the layout to Html / xHtml in a structured way.
· The page must be error less.
· All the sites are mostly based on proper conceptual document from the client.
· Before making the site we should keep in our mind that the site must be search engine friendly.
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