Web 2.0 : Second Generation of Web Development and Design

Web 2.0 has a complex and growing technology that includes server-software, content-syndication, messaging- protocols, standards-based browsers with plugins and extensions, and various client-applications. All these differ in functions and approaches but provide all the requirements beyond the expectation such as information- storage, creation, and dissemination capabilities.

A web 2.0 website may usually feature a number of following techniques:

• Rich Internet application techniques, optionally Ajaxbased.
• Cascading Style Sheet, CSS.
• Semantically valid XHTML markup and the use of Microformats.
• Organization and collection of data in RSS/Atom.
• Clean and meaningful URLs .
• Excessive use of folksonomies (in the form of tags or tagclouds).
• Use of wiki software either completely or partially (where partial use may grow to become the complete platform for the site) partially, e.g. the LAMP solution stack XACML over SOAP for access control between organizations and domains.
• Blog publishing.
• Mashups (A mix up of content and Audio usually from different musical style).
• REST or XML Webservice APIs.
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